Teams that suffered in Barcelona testing can takeaway some positives

Many teams seemed to do better than others during the first pre-season test in Barcelona in 2022. Former Formula One driver Jolyon Palmer, on the other hand, has indicated why those who struggled may not need to be concerned just yet.


Jolyon Palmer explains why the F1 teams who underperformed in the first pre-season test in 2022 may have a positive aspect.

After accomplishing a large number of laps, Ferrari and McLaren were touted as ones to watch following the recent three-day testing event in Barcelona.

For some, though, the last few days were not totally positive. In comparison to Ferrari’s 439 laps and Mercedes’ 393, Haas and Alfa Romeo completed the fewest laps of all, with 159 and 175 laps completed, respectively.

Alpine, however, had to cut their time at the test short due to car problems on the final day’s morning, and Aston Martin experienced the same problem.

Palmer: This pre-season test is the time to struggle

It may not be completely negative for the teams that did not complete as many laps as the others.

Although the test in Barcelona was not broadcast, cameras will be present when a second pre-season test occurs in Bahrain on the 10th and 12th of March.

Palmer believes that the behind-closed-doors testing in Spain was a better period for issues than any other, and that things might look very different when F1 lands in Bahrain for the next test session.

“If you’re going to struggle at some point, the not-filmed Barcelona pre-testing test is going to be the time to do it,” Palmer said on Formula1.com.

“But it is just that really. The official pre-season test is in Bahrain. All these cars, we’re trying to dissect, [but] it could all look really different in Bahrain and this is all nul and void.

“There’s a lot of time before the first race. This is still fascinating, but it’s ever-moving goals, especially with the new generation [of cars].”

The Bahrain Grand Prix will kick off the 2022 Formula One season, just one week after the next pre-season test event.

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