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A new twist has emerged as Hamilton and FIA continue to disagree about jewellery restrictions

New FIA restrictions intended to ensure racers don’t wear jewellery on the racetrack have generated a stir before the Miami Grand Prix, with Lewis Hamilton violating the sport’s governing body.

 Hamilton FIA

Prior to the first practise for the first Miami Grand Prix, different perspectives between Lewis Hamilton and the FIA over jewellery has taken another turn.

Formula One’s governing board is enforcing a regulation that has been in place since 2005, beginning with this weekend’s event.

Hamilton said he would struggle to meet the strengthened restrictions, given the permanence of some of his piercings, during negotiations between the FIA and the racers a few rounds ago in Australia.

In a media briefing in Miami on Friday, he reaffirmed his position, saying, “If they [the FIA] stop me, so be it.”

The FIA examines references of Hamilton and Mercedes

Following this, the FIA produced a first scrutineering document in which Mercedes and Hamilton were mentioned.

Mercedes has not validated in their self-scrutineering sheet that Hamilton “is complying with the rule to not wear any jewellery, in the form of body piercing or metal neck chains or watches,” according to the report.

Jo Bauer, the FIA F1 Technical Delegate, signed the agreement, but there has been no indication on what will happen next.

Pascal Wehrlein and Mitch Evans were both fined €1000 and handed a penalty point on their Super Licences after having metal chains around their necks during testing at the Monaco E-Prix previous weekend.

Hamilton isn’t looking for a “battle” over a “ridiculous” topic

During the news conference, Hamilton made it plain that he wants to meet with new FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

“I’m willing to sign a waiver, to take the responsibility away from them [the FIA], if they want me to,” said Hamilton.

“I tried calling Mohammed this morning, he was busy, but I sent him a message just reassuring him that I want to be an ally. I don’t want to fight. It’s very, very silly.

“But I’ve not heard back yet, so maybe he’s texting me, I don’t know. But I’ll try and speak to him before the race.”

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