Lewis Hamilton

After placing 10th in Saudi Arabia, Hamilton made a surprise radio statement

When Lewis Hamilton was informed that he had placed 10th at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, he had an odd response.

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time Formula One World Champion, was not used to placing in the middle of the pack or battling to gain points.

However, with the Mercedes W13 becoming a problem in the beginning phases of this season, that seems to be his new reality in 2022.

Hamilton, who started 16th for the race in Saudi Arabia, put up a strong performance to climb to 6th place after a long first stint on the Hard tyres.

With 15 circuits left in the race, however, two cars went down and blocked the access to the pit lane. Hamilton seemed to err on the side of caution as he sped up again and kept driving, indicating that he needed to come into the pits for his required stop.

Hamilton’s race was ruined when Race Control stopped the pit lane just moments later, forcing him to pit when the Grand Prix resumed green flag conditions.

Hamilton would finish 12th, but would climb to 10th at the chequered flag.

Hamilton unsure of the reward for 10th place

After reaching the finish line in 10th place and hearing his final result from race engineer Pete Bonnington, Hamilton seemed to be perplexed as to whether he had been properly compensated for his attempts.

“Is there even a point for that position?” Hamilton queried as he drove around on the cooldown lap.

“Eh, yeah, you do get a point…” was a nonplussed Bonnington’s reply.

While one would anticipate such a seasoned driver to be conversant with F1’s points system, it’s understandable that Hamilton was unsure how many were available for such a poor place.

Apart from an unusual non-scoring performance in Azerbaijan in 2021, Hamilton hasn’t finished worse than tenth in in a decade.

Hamilton crossed the line for the final point in the 2012 Korean Grand Prix while competing for McLaren – the ten years thereafter have clearly erased the need for Hamilton to remember that.

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