Fernando Alonso Alpine F1 Team

Alonso discusses his strategy for ‘destroying’ rivals’ advantages

Fernando Alonso has revealed how he gains an advantage over rivals in Formula 1 and other sports.

Fernando Alonso Alpine F1 Team

Fernando Alonso has shared some information about his approach to racing and competitive edge.

The Alpine racer, who is presently in his 19th season of Formula 1, might continue racing until he is 43 thanks to his transition to Aston Martin for 2023.

He will have already broken Kimi Raikkonen’s record for the most F1 starts by the completion of this season, and he may become the first racer to have participated in more than 400 Grands Prix.

Alonso’s pace and tenacity have seldom ever been called into doubt, and the two-time World Champion continues to show these qualities frequently.

Alonso used the lap to the grid to put additional rubber down on the inside of Turn 1 and the outside of Turn 2 in order to generate passing chances for himself at the beginning of the race, according to a conversation with Motorsport.com recorded before the French Grand Prix.

“Yeah, I mean, I’m that type of guy,” Alonso told Motorsport.com.

“I need to make 100 per cent of my thing, and I need to kill whatever strengths other people have.”

Alonso provides non-F1 examples of competitiveness

Alonso continued by saying that this desire to find a weakness in every rival carries over into other sports.

He described his approach to tennis, in which he aims to “maximise” his advantages while “destroying” the rivals.

“I do this in everything I practice, when I play anything,” added Alonso.

“I used to play tennis, and when I play with someone good, I would put the ball very high. Because, like this, you stop the rhythm of them because they are used to hitting the ball very hard.

“Playing with professionals, the ball arrives very strong for them so they are used to that kind of shot.

“But when you put the ball high, they make mistakes, because the ball arrives very soft. So I can play better tennis when putting the ball high.

“Putting the ball high is my only chance to beat them. So I do that automatically.

“It’s not only on racing, I just need to destroy the strengths of the others, and try to maximise mine.”

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