Drivers’ concerns about porpoising prompted the FIA to schedule high-level meetings

The FIA, which oversees Formula One, will meeting on Wednesday to discuss how to stop porpoising, according to


Prior to this season’s French Grand Prix, more information about porpoising and how to manage it is anticipated.

According to a source within the FIA, the governing body will hold high-level discussions on the matter on Wednesday.

The larger safety department will participate in the discussions, as will Nikolas Tombazis, the FIA’s technical director for single-seaters.

Following a survey of its whole membership, which consists of all 20 F1 racers, on the subject of porpoising and car stiffness, the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association is believed to have recommended that the FIA make adjustments.

The FIA is anticipated to provide team managers throughout the F1 paddock an update after the meeting on Wednesday.

Porpoising has gained attention since testing

After further revisions to the technical rules and the switch to a “ground effect” philosophy, porpoising made a comeback in F1 in 2022.

The FIA decided to step in after the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, when the impacts were particularly serious, in an effort to shield the racers.

At the conclusion of that race, Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, and a number of other competitors reported experiencing back pain. Pierre Gasly admitted he required medications to get through the weekend.

After that, a Technical Directive was created to combat porpoising and forbid squads from operating a vehicle that would endanger their racers (i.e. if a car bounces too much or too severely, the ride height must be raised or a team would risk disqualification).

When F1 returned from its summer vacation, these regulations were originally scheduled to take effect during the French Grand Prix but were postponed to Belgium.

Beyond this, the FIA is considering a number of technical rule changes for 2023 to address the problem.

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