Ducati’s Jack Miller: In today’s MotoGP, overtaking is “very difficult”

Because of the competitiveness of modern MotoGP, it’s “very hard to overtake anymore,” according to Ducati’s Jack Miller, who believes this has put greater stress on racers.


All six manufacturers on the grid are now race winners, with all six recording podiums in the first five races of 2022.

Four racers on 4 distinct bikes have claimed the first five races, with ten different racers claiming the other steps of the podium.

Because of the stunning nature of today’s MotoGP, Christian Horner, the CEO of Red Bull Formula One, stated early last month that he believes the Australian Grand Prix will provide activity similar to that of the two-wheeled series.

Six racers are within 23 points of race winner Fabio Quartararo, who is tied on standings with Alex Rins heading into this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez.

Miller, who is 38 points back in seventh after crashing with Joan Mir in Portugal previous week, thinks this inconsistency is to be anticipated for the rest of the season, but agreed when questioned whether it is putting increasing burden on racers in the championship fight.

“Definitely. The fact that [Enea] Bastianini fell last weekend just shook things up again,” he began.

“I thought he was leaping out to be the favourite because he’s generally really, really consistent.

“But having that fall last weekend has just shaken things up more and put a lot more guys in really close area.

“The points are all very, very close still considering how many winners we’ve had.

“So, it’s just more of that to expect from the rest of the season I feel. For sure, it’s always easy to make mistakes when you’re running around like for example at Portimao in 1m39s when you’ve had 10 minutes of track time in the dry.

“You’re always going to be under pressure at the times and the speed MotoGP is at, at the moment.

“You’re essentially on a qualifying lap every single lap of the race and you can’t make a mistake.

“So, you’re feeling pressure, and everyone is under the same sort of scrutiny and the bikes are that competitive.

“It’s so hard to pass now, and also at Portimao it’s such a hard track to pass on. It’s the same in Argentina, same in Texas – it’s not easy to make passes at the moment.

“So, making a mistake or costing yourself a couple of positions can really have a big input on the outcome of the race because making those positions back is not how it used to be.”

Mir also mentioned that the error margin has shrunk for racers in recent years, with faults now being penalised more harshly.

“It’s true that in the last years, every time you can do less mistakes,” the Suzuki rider stated.

“Everything is tighter and it’s not great to make mistakes, because at the end of the season you can lose a lot of points.

“We have to find that consistency [to be] on the podium, which I think is the next step we have to do.

“In Portimao we had the opportunity, so let’s see here if we can confirm that.”

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