Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso responds the possibility of Honda reunion

Despite Fernando Alonso’s somewhat difficult experience with Honda, the Spanish driver is appreciative of the engine maker’s partnership with Aston Martin through 2026.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso says that if he were still competing for Aston Martin in 2026, when the two companies start their Formula 1 relationship, he would have no problems partnering with Honda.

Aston Martin’s long-standing partnership with Mercedes will eventually come to an end once the new F1 power unit regulations take place in 2026, according to the latest news that the British squad plans to partner with Honda.

Given the unfortunate McLaren-Honda years of 2015–17, Alonso has a somewhat problematic past with the Japanese company.

Despite this, Honda has said they are willing to collaborate with Alonso once more, and the two-time World Champion seems to be on board with the idea.

Alonso’s response to the Honda news

Alonso told the media, including RacingNews365.com, “[It’s] very good news for the team, very excited,” prior to the Monaco Grand Prix.

“I think it shows the commitment of Aston Martin to really win races, win championships in the future, being independent, manufacturing their own gearboxes and everything on the car.

“It’s the only way probably to really be 100% sure that you are in control of everything in your package, in your car, and it’s a great sign for everybody in Aston Martin, that the desire and the potential to win is there.”

Reunion of Honda is “no problem”

At the beginning of the 2026 Formula One season, Alonso will be 44 years old. He knows that it is far too soon to predict whether he will still be competing at that time.

The Spaniard would not have a problem reuniting with Honda, though, if he were still with Aston Martin.

Alonso confirmed that he would have no trouble racing once more with Honda.

“I know that it didn’t work out last time, [in] 2015, 2016, 2017. It was even worse, maybe, for some of my teammates, like Stoffel [Vandoorne], coming from dominating F3, F2, and then joining the project that maybe was not fully ready back then.

“But I think they prove that they have now a competitive package. They won the championship in ’21 [with Red Bull], they won a championship in ’22, most likely will win the champion in ’23.

“So I think they have now a very strong package, and it’s a new set of regulations [in 2026], but I think it will be a very exciting project, for sure.”

Alonso’s new role?

Alonso was hesitant to consider the possibility of continuing with Aston Martin in a non-driving capacity in 2026 when questioned about it.

“I don’t know,” he said.

“This is way too far ahead to really have an idea, so I have to concentrate and focus on this year. As I said, [this is] very exciting news, what is happening now to the team, this new partnership with Honda, the new factory at the end of this month.

“I think the team is moving to the new building, the new wind tunnel, next year, so there are so many things happening that it’s just normal to get excited and want to be part of this team for many, many years.

“If it’s as a driver or in a different role, I will be just honoured to be part of it. But so far [this weekend] it’s just Monaco in my head, and this year and next year. Even ’25, I’m not sure what I will do.”

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