Ford would not have made a comeback in Formula 1 without engine changes

Ford was welcomed back into Grand Prix motorsport in large part because of the upcoming 2026 engine regulations.


Mark Rushbrook, global head of Ford Motorsport, claims that without the proposed engine modifications for 2026, the company will not comeback to Formula 1.

The Blue Oval will comeback to Grand Prix motorsport as Red Bull’s engine technical partner beginning with the 2026 season, according to a latest announcement.

This is the year when the F1 power units are expected to undergo a significant redesign.

Audi has already said that it will compete, while General Motors is also looking into possible collaboration opportunities through Andretti Autosport’s F1 grid entry bid.

Ironically, Ford will be on an F1 grid for the first time since 2004 when they do line up for the 2026 season-opening race alongside the Jaguar squad that would eventually become Red Bull.

And according to Rushbrook, the proposed engine design is certainly what Ford is seeking for.

Engine design matches Ford standards

Electrical power is expected to improve with the 2026 power unit generation’s upgraded MGU-K. Power levels should be around 350 kW after the removal of the MGU-H component.

Additionally, despite the introduction of E10 fuels, the push toward renewable fuels will continue.

Six manufacturers, which include all of the current suppliers, Audi, and Honda Racing Company (HRC), which does not presently have a partner team, have agreed to participate in this proposed formula.

Ford, which had previously specialized in rallying and sports cars, was strongly influenced by this modification of the rules.

Rushbrook was questioned about whether Ford would have thought about a move to Formula 1 if the 2026 regulation changes hadn’t been announced.

Rushbrook addressed questions from the media, including, “No, I don’t think we would.

“If it was a carry over power unit without this opportunity, it would have been a step backwards for us.

“100% we needed to have [the technical link-up with Red Bull].

“We don’t just go racing as a marketing exercise and, especially in Formula 1, being the stage that it is, the opportunity to get that technical learning was important for us.

“Without it, we wouldn’t have done it.”

In accordance with the agreement, Ford will collaborate with the Red Bull Powertrains subsidiary established in Milton Keynes and will provide power units to AlphaTauri, Red Bull’s sister team.

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