Formula Regional terrible collision lets Red Bull talent to advance

The Formula Regional Middle East race started off poorly when a major crash involving more than ten cars occurred.


At the Kuwait Motor Town Circuit, more than 30 racers entered the Formula Regional Middle East race, but several of them were unable to continue through the second corner.

The track has a brief run to Turn 1, which is followed by an extended straight before Turn 2. It has several possibilities to slipstream as a result, which is what happened when cars went four-wide on entry to T2.

A number of motorists underestimated the braking zone, as shown in the video below, and a chain-reaction sequence resulted in one car slamming into another.

Sebastian Montoya, one of the other racers, avoided becoming involved in the chaos, moving up from 18th to fourth.

The video of the collision is shown below. The motorists weren’t hurt at all.

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