“Glove full of blood,” as Nakagami described the end of his Japan MotoGP practise

Takaaki Nakagami of LCR Honda reveals that he finished Friday’s MotoGP practise for the Japanese Grand Prix with his glove “full” of blood suffering a horrific right-hand injury.


When Nakagami collided with Marc Marquez at the final of the Aragon Grand Prix previous weekend, his right hand’s fourth and fifth fingers sustained lacerations.

Nakagami, who had surgery on Monday before travelling to his home round at Motegi to race, placed 12th in FP1 and just under four tenths off the fastest time.

Nakagami, who has suffered horrifying wounds, says he is unsure if he will be able to finish the race distance on Sunday and that his health will be checked once more after qualifying.

“The doctor says I lost 20% of the tendon in the fourth finger, and the fifth finger is more than 60%,” he said.

“So, the fifth finger is the most damaged. The good thing is we don’t need the skin graft.

“Ok, [the wound] is fully open, but the doctor could close my skin. It looks really bad, it’s not nice.

“The blood goes out and during the day and after the session it looks pretty bad. So that’s why I need to check again.”

Nakagami replied, “Today we tried a thin tape because if it’s bigger [like the bandage], I can’t put on the gloves,” when questioned what treatments he has been giving to his hand.

“So, it’s really difficult because I need to use a lot, but we need to protect.

“So, it’s very difficult to know which one to take. That’s why after the session I have to protect more to try to not move and try to rest.

“The gloves were modified to be made a bit bigger and stiffer. It was pretty good, so let’s see tomorrow.

“During the session and after the session it [the glove] was full. The blood is easy to come out.

“This [race distance] is the question mark for me.

“Today was one hour and 15 minutes, but it was quite short runs and I think five outings.

“The good thing was we were able to improve, but the question is the long run. For the race distance, for the moment I’m not comfortable.

“It’s important how we can keep the consistency and the power, and this track is really demanding physically. I can’t say anything because at the moment no [I can’t do race distance].”

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