Hamilton is allowed to wear jewelry for Miami and Spain rounds

The FIA has granted Lewis Hamilton an exception to keep wearing his jewellery over the Miami Grand Prix weekend.


The FIA has granted Lewis Hamilton an exception that will enable him to continue to wear unremovable jewellery during the Miami Grand Prix weekend.

Following an FIA crackdown, the seven-time World Champion made it apparent that he could not remove part of his jewellery.

Despite the fact that the restriction has rarely been implemented, it has long been established in the Sporting Regulations that certain jewellery pieces cannot be worn by racers.

Hamilton has until Monaco to remove jewellery

Hamilton said before of the Miami Grand Prix weekend that if the FIA prevents him from competing, Mercedes may have to use a backup racer.

He has now been granted an exception for the weekends of the Miami and Spanish Grands Prix, and he has until the Monaco Grand Prix (27-29 May) to consider removing his “welded in” jewellery.

Hamilton, on the other hand, has declared that he has no intention of removing his jewellery, calling the FIA’s action “a step down” for Formula 1.

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