McLaren unveils a ‘new’ Formula One car made of LEGO

The world’s first LEGO-Technic F1 car has been created by McLaren and LEGO.

Fans of McLaren will be able to get their hands on a fresh new LEGO-Technic rendition of the team’s F1 challenger in the near future.

Only one model was created in partnership between the two brands and will be available for purchase on March 1st.

It is displayed in the McLaren F1 team’s 2021 livery, with the papaya-colored set also being an adaptation of the revolutionary new 2022 F1 rules.

It has a model V6 engine with moving pistons, working steering, suspension, and a differential lock, and was designed by the LEGO Group’s design experts with assistance from McLaren.

It is 25.5 inches long, 10.5 inches broad, and nearly five inches tall, with 1,432 unique pieces.

“We are excited to unveil the unique LEGO-Technic model of our McLaren F1 car, a fun and engaging product that celebrates our 2021 season livery while giving fans a hands-on interpretation of the new 2022 F1 car design,” said McLaren Technical Director James Key.

“This has been made possible by an agile collaboration with the LEGO Group team, who have truly embraced the spirit of our brave and bold approach to design.

“The final product looks fantastic, and we cannot wait to make this available to our fans.”

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