Miami organizer responds to the online uproar over a counterfeit marina

Tom Garfinkel, the president of the Miami Grand Prix, has replied to social media comments about the International Autodrome’s counterfeit marina.

Tom Garfinkel has dismissed online criticism of the latest counterfeit marina at the Miami International Autodrome.

At first appearance, the newly-built Grand Prix racetrack hosting the first Miami Grand Prix this weekend seems to have a harbour full of yachts, which is common at Grands Prix near the sea.

Nevertheless, the new track is essentially landlocked, with no access to the water.

The marina, even more curiously, is devoid of water. However, the moored boats and yachts are placed on trailers, with a fictitious coating of painted plywood ostensibly indicating that they are in the water.

The marina has sparked numerous comments on social media, with commentators mocking the concept. F1 team members have shot photos of themselves ‘walking on water,’ adding to the excitement.

Garfinkel, on the other hand, is glad that people are chatting about the marina, claiming that the event’s goal was never to be taken too seriously.

Garfinkel was aiming for “fun” with the concept

On Wednesday, as the weekend was formally opened, the Grand Prix’s Managing Partner, who is also the CEO of the Hard Rock Stadium and the Miami Dolphins, spoke to the media.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We know that we’re having some fun with it, right?” he told media, including, on Thursday.

He stated why the plan to establish a counterfeit marina was made, indicating that he wanted to keep a promise he made during the planning phase.

“What we did was, initially, when we were looking at downtown, Formula 1 had some ideas about wanting the blimp shots of the yachts downtown,” he said.

“We moved here for a number of reasons, most importantly because we didn’t think we could have a good racing circuit downtown.

“I told F1, ‘You’re gonna get your yacht shots, and you’re gonna have your yachts’, and they looked at me like I was crazy.

“Then I came back and drew it on the whiteboard and said, ‘I want a Marina with yachts here and we’re gonna make it happen’, and so we did!”

Garfinkel is looking for “great racing” and a good time

Garfinkel went on to say that he’s pleased that his marina concept has sparked laughter and a slew of online memes mocking the plywood-based body of ‘water.’

“It’s a lot of fun. I think people are enjoying it,” he said.

“I think the people on the back of those yachts watching the race will have fun. The people are sort of poking fun at it. I think it’s funny and it’s great. We’re not taking ourselves too seriously. We’re trying to have some fun with it.

“I didn’t know if that would be the thing, or the beach would be the thing with actual sand, or the podium itself!

“As long as people say we created a great race circuit for great racing first, and then people come here and have a great time.

“The rest of it, we can have some fun with!”

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