MotoGP changes engine allocation to accommodate longer schedules

In term of the racing calendar expanding to 21 races in 2022, MotoGP’s Grand Prix Commission has proposed a revision to engine allocation rules.


Non-concession manufacturers are only allowed to utilise 7 engines throughout the season, whilst concession brands are allowed to use 9.

This regulation was drafted when the plan had less than 20 races, but the 2022 schedule will have 21.

As a consequence, all non-concession manufacturers’ allocations have been increased by a 8 engine, which can only be used in races 19 and well beyond, while concession marquees have been allocated a tenth.

“Currently, MotoGP regulations allow manufacturers to employ a maximum of seven engines during the season,” the amended rules say (Nine engines for manufacturers with concessions).

“This regulation was established when the calendar comprised less than 20 races.

“Because the 2022 calendar foresees 21 races it has been agreed to allow the use of one further engine providing that, ultimately, there are 19 races or more.

“The extra engine may only be used for the 19th. or subsequent races.

“The regulations have been updated as follows: Less than 21 races published on the official calendar that is issued by the FIM prior to the start of the first race: Manufacturers will have a maximum engine allocation of seven engines (nine for manufacturers with concessions).

“21 or 22 races published on the calendar that is issued by the FIM prior to the start of the first race: Manufacturers will have a maximum engine allocation of eight engines (10 for manufacturers with concessions).

“The use of this eighth (or 10th) engine will only be allowed starting from the 19th event.”

After Aprilia earned three podium finishes over the previous year to lose the perks it has had since 2015, no manufacturers will be allowed to race under concession regulations after 2023.

Aprilia has already begun utilising one less engine as if it didn’t exist in its allotment to start preparing for the loss of concessions in 2023.

Despite losing concession status, Aprilia will still receive ten engines this year as a result of the new change in rules.

The season will have 21 races, however the Finnish Grand Prix in July is still a mystery, with a Dorna Sports mission expected to visit the new KymiRing next week to evaluate it.

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