Norris appreciates McLaren’s help while suffering illness

A DNF was recorded by Lando Norris at the Brazilian Grand Prix on a weekend when he wasn’t feeling well.

Lando Norris appreciated his McLaren squad for their assistance as he suffered sickness the whole Brazilian Grand Prix weekend.

Due to suspected food poisoning, the British participant was had to forgo media duties on the event’s first day, but he was back to follow the action on Friday.

Norris started Saturday’s Sprint race in position four despite still feeling under the illness. He ultimately placed seventh.

He performed less well in the main race on Sunday. Norris crashed with Charles Leclerc on lap seven, incurring a five-second time penalty and two penalty points, before finally withdrawing on lap fifty due to a mechanical problem.

Norris called the Leclerc accident “a shame”

“My start today was good, but it was a disappointing Sunday for us,” Norris said after the race at Interlagos.

“Regarding the contact with Charles, I thought it was a racing incident. Of course, I didn’t want contact, and I held my line as much as possible.

“Maybe I could have given him 5cm more and he could have given me 5cm more but it’s just a shame what happened.”

After his recovery, Norris focused on Abu Dhabi

The team intends to look into the reason for Norris’ withdrawal, as Norris has indicated.

The racer, who turned 23 on race day, said, “For the rest of the race, we were off the pace.”

“I’d like to believe there was a little bit of damage because we were too slow today. I’m not sure why we stopped, the team will investigate.”

Following a difficult few days, Norris thanked the McLaren team and promised to concentrate on the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“I’ve not been very well this weekend, but I’ve had a lot of support from the team, and we’re now focusing on finishing strongly in Abu Dhabi,” he continued.

Following a first-lap accident with Kevin Magnussen, Norris’ teammate Daniel Ricciardo also withdrew from the race in Brazil, marking the team’s first double DNF since 2017.

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