Norris wants action after ‘hazardous’ tyre failures in Qatar GP

In Sunday’s Qatar Grand Prix, Lando Norris was one of four drivers who experienced an unexpected tyre failure.

Lando Norris, a McLaren driver, has expressed his displeasure after a “dangerous” tyre failure at the Qatar Grand Prix.

Norris was one of four drivers to suffer a front-left puncture in Sunday’s 57-lap race at the Losail International Circuit, along with Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas and Williams’ George Russell and Nicholas Latifi.

Supplier of F1 tyres Given the rapid rate of track modification, Pirelli had urged teams against pursuing a one-stop strategy ahead of the race, although numerous drivers tried to make it work.

While Bottas (after 35 laps on Mediums) and Russell and Latifi (both after 31 laps on Hards) had troubles early in their second stints, Norris had his after only 23 laps on the Hard compound.

“It was dangerous for a lot of people”

Speaking to media, Norris said: “I guess you don’t expect the tyre to blow up, especially not on the Hard tyre.

“We weren’t even that far into the stint, it was like 20 laps or something, and the tyre should do a lot more than 20 laps.

“Every track, you look after the tyres because the tyres wear out a bit, but you don’t expect it to suddenly let go completely.

“[It was] quite dangerous for a lot of people today and it shouldn’t happen.”

“They should make the tyres better”

Norris has asked Pirelli to improve the problem in the future, claiming that the main cause is “clear,” but he “simply can’t say” what it is.

He added: “If there’s a wall there or something, it could’ve been a lot more dangerous.

“They should make the tyres better. It’s dangerous for us as drivers. We risk a lot every time and if we can’t just drive a Formula 1 car around the circuit, what can you do?

“I didn’t even do a very long stint, 20 laps, 25 laps or whatever. I should still be able to drive the circuit.”

Bottas believed the wind had increased in strength

Bottas was also taken aback by his tyre failure, adding that he had assumed the wind had picked up.

“There was no warning, no vibration, the pace was still consistent, the grip was feeling OK, so it just happened,” he said.

“Initially, I thought the wind was getting stronger on the main straight, because I felt that the car was [going] sideways.

“Then it was a puncture in the first corner, and obviously in the most unlucky point as well, just after the pit exit.”

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