Perez believes his qualifying collision ‘let the team down’

Following his incident throughout qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix, Sergio Perez stated that he was unable to extricate his Red Bull from the walls, preventing him from continuing the session.

With his accident during testing for the Canadian Grand Prix, Sergio Perez believes he “let the team down.”

Shortly after the incident in Q2, the Mexican claimed that he was unable to continue due to a difficulty with attempting to remove his Red Bull from the obstacles.

When Perez understeered at Turn 4 and collided with the walls, he was hoping to advance.

Perez only suffered a fractured front wing as a result of his crash’s straight line to the wall, giving him hope for a comeback.

Nevertheless, he was unable to reverse out of the session and was forced to quit, resulting in a 13th-place qualifying score.

Perez revealed after the session that he was able to activate reverse gear, but his car was locked in place.

“I got reverse gear, but the front wing was stuck underneath the Tecpro [barrier], and the marshal wouldn’t help me,” Perez told media, including

Perez: Recovery the aim of the race

With Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc poised to begin from the rear of the grid, Red Bull had the chance to profit from their competitors’ mistakes in qualifying.

In normal conditions, the race would have come down to one Ferrari versus two Red Bulls, but Perez’s 13th-place qualifying decision shows that just one Red Bull and one Ferrari remain in the top 4.

Perez went on to say that everything was set up for him to win the qualifying session, and that his goal in the race is to “minimize damage.”

“It’s a very frustrating day for myself, I let my team down and I’m very sorry,” said Perez.

“It was tricky to get a clean lap. There was a lot of traffic. I think the second session on the Inter[mediates] was the right thing to do. I think we had a good car to be able to fight [in qualifying].

“Now I need to focus on tomorrow and try to minimise the damage.”

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