Perez is described by Verstappen as a “amazing human being”

Max Verstappen praises Sergio Perez’s on- and off-track actions.

Sergio Perez

Sergio Perez, a Red Bull colleague, has been praised by Max Verstappen, who has described him as a “amazing human being.”

Verstappen and Perez worked together for the first time in 2021, after Perez was brought in ahead of the season to replace Alexander Albon.

While Perez hasn’t always been able to keep up with Verstappen in terms of pure speed, the Mexican has proven to be an important team member, and Verstappen has been pleased by Perez’s performances on and off the track.

“Of course, when we started working together, it’s always difficult to know exactly of course how it’s going to work out,” Verstappen told media.

“But very early on already, [I think that] Checo is just an amazing human being, not only just to work with [in] F1, but [he’s] just [a] super nice person, [a] real family man as well.

“I really have [had] a lot of good times with him, and you can see he really means it. He means well, and it’s very rare to have a teammate like that.”

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Perez’s role in Abu Dhabi

Verstappen’s race at the title-deciding Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was made possible by Perez’s strong defensive driving against Lewis Hamilton, which allowed Verstappen to cut the gap on Hamilton.

Verstappen went on to win the race in the tense final circuits, and he praised Perez for the way he defended himself and the team.

“Again, what he showed, he was a real team player,” Verstappen explained.

Perez is expected to stay with the team until 2022, and Verstappen is optimistic about the partnership’s future.

“I really hope that we can continue this for a long time,” the Dutchman added.

Perez retired from the race in Abu Dhabi, but he still finished fourth in the World Championship standings.

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