Red Bull’s Perez defends how frequently Ferrari makes mistakes in F1

Following a number of mistakes the Italian team has committed thus far in the 2022 F1 season, Sergio Perez has defended Ferrari.

After making multiple errors in the 2022 Formula 1 season, Red Bull racer Sergio Perez defended Ferrari, claiming “it is easy to point fingers.”

Despite having what is perhaps the best car of the year, the Scuderia has struggled to get the most out of its trackside operations team due to a number of tactical failures.

They chose to use the Hard tyre on Charles Leclerc at the Hungarian Grand Prix, despite the fact that other squads avoided it due to its lack of competitiveness.

After Ferrari pitted him once more for a set of Soft Pirelli tyres, Leclerc lost the lead and eventually finished in sixth place.

Perez defended Ferrari even if his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen benefited from the Ferrari mistake.

Perez: It’s easy to point fingers

Ferrari made a strategic failure in 2022 by failing to follow team orders on a few instances, having racers disregard them when they did (Sainz at Silverstone), and having significant reliability issues on top of that.

“I think always after the race, it is very easy to point fingers out and say: ‘What a mistake you have done,’ but in the heat of the moment, we are all prone to make those mistakes,” Perez told media, including

“We live in such tiny margins that these things can happen.”

Ferrari, while having the car that appears to be faster, has only won four races compared to Red Bull’s nine, and at the summer break, the Italian team was 93 points behind Red Bull in the Constructors’ Championship.

Perez wants to improve upon his recent performance

After being eliminated in the second qualifying round and dropping to 11th on the grid, Perez could only finish fifth at the Hungaroring.

Following his own troubles, Verstappen began the race in 10th place, but he quickly overtook the field and, save for a rapid 360, was unchallenged for the win.

He is 80 points ahead of Leclerc and five points ahead of Perez, whose performance recently seems to have dipped.

With his first-ever F1 pole in Saudi Arabia, a victory in the Monaco Grand Prix, and five second-place finishes, Perez had a strong beginning for the season.

Red Bull’s RB18, in contrast to Perez’s preferred design, has lurched more towards Verstappen’s demand for a sharper, more responsive car as it has been developed.

“It’s good but we’re not taking anything for granted,” Perez explained.

“We are aware that the last couple of races have been difficult on our side, things have changed a bit on the car.

“So we have to understand everything and just come back a lot stronger for the triple-header [of Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.]”

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