Renault F1 Teams Up with OMP Racing.

The Renault F1 Group has signed a three-year technological partnership with OMP Competing, Italy-based motorsport devices supplier. As part of the arrangement, Omp Racing Suit Racing will offer safety equipment for the team’s cars and trucks, together with technical equipment and garments for the motorists and mechanics. Perhaps the most vital contribution will be brought by OMP’s new weight-saving seatbelts. At the various other end of the range we locate the last item stated on the main listing, undergarments for the group’s vehicle drivers and also technicians. We need to make it clear that we’re not ignoring fireproof fighters’ abilities or anything below.

The previously mentioned seat belts have actually been established by OMP over the last 2 years and are created from bespoke products such as titanium alloy, light weight aluminum and vanadium, together with a mix of steel, magnesium and ergal. Omp Racing Suit Hence, they are providing security while being ultra-lightweight, a quality which is holly in Formula 1.

” We are delighted to join forces with OMP Racing as a technical partner of the team. Their competence in providing premium technological tools is well fit to our requirements and the demands of Solution One. Omp Racing Suit I’m certain that we will appreciate an efficient and successful working relationship with each other in the years ahead.” Eric Boullier, Renault F1 Group Principal said, according to a press release from Renault.

We can be specific that the word “delighted” has a true significance here, as the Renault F1 Team has lost its main sponsor, ING, after last years’s infamous Crashgate scandal.

Paolo Delprato, OMP vicepresident added: “This agreement with the Renault F1 Team represents greater than just a straightforward go back to the Formula One scene for OMP. It’s likewise an essential turning point due to the fact that, for the first time in its lengthy history, the company has actually come to be a supplier not only of technological clothing, yet likewise of a safety and security item that has been created and created specifically for Solution One. This is a great achievement implemented by the excellent cooperation developed with the Renault F1 Group and the skills of our workers and also professionals. Omp Racing Suit We are proud that the partnership will certainly enable our items to be made use of once more at the peak of motorsport and will add to the success of one of the leading names in motor racing.” claimed Paolo Delprato, vice head of state of OMP.

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