Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo does not anticipate his issues to disappear with the 2022 F1 car

Daniel Ricciardo is optimistic that he can improve in 2022 after a challenging first season with McLaren. The Australian, on the other hand, does not expect his problems from last year to disappear.

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo reveals that he does not expect his problems with McLaren to go away in 2022.

In 2021, the Australian had some difficulties adapting to his new car, although he concedes that he is not the team’s first driver to have this difficulty. With this in mind, he is optimistic that he will be able to overcome his difficulties.

“I certainly never give up hope,” Ricciardo told Auto Motor und Sport when asked whether his driving style might be better suited to the 2022 challenger.

“I’m not the first driver in the team to report the limitations with the car that I felt. I don’t want to say that some of it is in the DNA of the car because a car changes over time.

“But as far as I understand it, it’s been on McLaren’s mind for some time. Maybe it’s being talked about more than in the past. I think it could be a step in the right direction.”

What are Ricciardo’s expectations for the 2022 season?

While Ricciardo is confident about how he will adapt to the car in the forthcoming season, he still thinks that his previous troubles will still be a concern.

“Will my problems suddenly be gone? I don’t expect that,” Ricciardo explained.

“If they do, I think I will adapt to the rules with my natural driving style. But I want to be prepared if it doesn’t turn out that way.


“The fact that I got better and better with the 2021 car should also benefit me with the next car.”

Ricciardo’s 2021 season was highlighted by his victory at the Italian Grand Prix in September, which gave McLaren a 1-2 finish with Lando Norris in second.

The MCL36, McLaren’s latest car, will be unveiled on February 11th.

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