Russell describes how Wolff and Mercedes’ relationship has grown

Since beginning his career as a Mercedes racer at the beginning of 2022, George Russell has disclosed what he has learnt about Toto Wolff.


Since entering the Mercedes squad at the beginning of this season, George Russell has shared some of his thoughts about Toto Wolff.

Russell, a British racer who spent a long time as a Mercedes junior racer, is presently leading squad member Lewis Hamilton in the Drivers’ rankings after claiming three podium results thus far.

There aren’t many concerns regarding his ability to remain on the squad for the long run given his current form.

Russell was able to discuss his experiences working for Toto Wolff while appearing to be under little stress from the squad. He began by discussing his technical expertise.

“It’s been really intriguing for me to see how Toto is involved on the technical front,” Russell told the F1: Beyond the Grid podcast.

“Firstly, I never quite knew how good his technical knowledge was, but now he is fully involved in all of these technical meetings. He’s really trying to push the whole team and he’s a racer at heart.

“I think [as well as] having a leader who is not only as inspiring as he is and motivating, everybody is clear what a great leader Toto is.

“He also understands the technical side of things and can look at things a bit more rationally, maybe from afar, but actually asking the right questions – it goes a long way.”

Russell: Wolff moves with an unexpected amount of speed

Prior to becoming well-known in Formula 1, Wolff raced in young single-seater divisions and GT racing.

Wolff has sometimes been spotted competing against the Mercedes racers in a variety of sponsored events and television competitions.

Russell continued by stating that he had also been impressed by his skills when operating a race car.

“We did an ice driving event at the start of this year in Austria, with a load of sponsors. The day finished at six o’clock, and Toto and I stayed until nine,” continued Russell.

“It was pitch black, but we had lights on this little rally car. He was doing some laps, I was a passenger, and I have my iPhone out on the stopwatch, and then vice versa.

“To be honest, I was pretty surprised at the commitment and pace he was showing. He probably went off a few more times than I did, but the pace was pretty strong. So, I’m learning new stuff about him.”

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