George Russell

Russell highlights the advantages of switching teams in the face of regulatory changes

In 2022, when George Russell signs Mercedes, he will start a new stage in his F1 career. This coincides with the implementation of a slew of new technical rules, but Russell believes the convergence can be beneficial.

George Russell

George Russell thinks that switching teams in the midst of the significant rule changes coming to Formula One in 2022 could be beneficial.

The Briton joins Mercedes for the next season after 3 years with Williams.

While some may perceive the overlap between this move and the new regulations as a disadvantage, Russell sees it as a benefit.

“I see moving teams during this regulation change as a positive, in all honesty,” Russell said in a new interview released by Mercedes.

“Because we’ve got a completely different car, which is a completely different philosophy to previously. [There will be] different tyres, [and I’ll be] working with new engineers.

“I think starting from a completely fresh sheet of paper is beneficial for all, whereas I think, if I stayed with Williams for this season, there’s always things in the back of your mind that you learned on the previous era of cars, that will always subconsciously carry through into the future.

“Whereas, if you are truly starting from a fresh slate, I think that can only be a benefit for this year.”

Preparations for the 2022 season

Russell has spent time getting to know his new teammates and preparing for the upcoming season.

“So far it’s been a great winter,” he explained.

“I spent nine days in Lanzarote for my training camp, which is something I’ve done on a yearly basis, which is a great way to start the season.

“I’ve spent plenty of days in the factory with the engineers, going through a lot of presentations on what the car looks like.

“But obviously, most importantly [I’ve been] on the simulator, getting to grips with the new car, understanding the limitations, and trying to direct the development and where we need to improve.

“I think that’s been also a really exciting part for me with this new opportunity, with the new regulations, to try and get on top of that as fast as possible.”

The W13, Mercedes’ 2022 version, will be unveiled on February 18th.

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