Sebastian Vettel expects F1 racers “show courage” after the “nonsense” FIA decision

Sebastian Vettel responded to the FIA’s choice to impose more stringent rules on racers who express their opinions and make statements on a variety of issues.


In response to the FIA’s policy to restrict racers from delivering “political, religious, and personal statements,” Sebastian Vettel expresses his expectation that the F1 racers will “show courage.”

The four-time World Champion is the most prominent F1 person to speak out against the FIA’s policy of restricting racer statements to a certain number of topics.

The FIA prohibited F1 racers from making “political, religious, or personal statements” beyond the end of 2022 unless FIA approval was given.

Vettel was one of the F1 drivers who used his platform in his later years to raise awareness of environmental and equality issues.

During the Race of Champions event, AutoBild asked Sebastian Vettel about the current FIA rules:

“Yes, that’s a bit of a nonsense…” Vettel said.

Vettel: I wish that racers would “stand up” for their opinions

He said that he saw no reason for the FIA to change the rules when questioned if he was pleased to be absent from the motorsport due to the new restrictions.

Vettel said, “There might have been a bit of trouble then.

“Of course, it always depends on what question you are asked and what the topic is. But I think it is absolutely important to take a stand on some issues and we have seen in recent years that more and more people have taken a stand.

“It doesn’t make much sense [for the FIA] to go against that now.”

Vettel stated that it would be simple for him to motivate those in the F1 paddock to speak out, but he expected that racers wouldn’t be discouraged from “standing up” for their opinions.

“I am no longer involved, so of course I can say a lot now,” Vettel continued.

“But of course I hope that the guys in Formula 1 would continue to have the courage to stand up for their opinion and to express it.”

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