Pierre Gasly FIA 2022

Some F1 racers applauded the FIA for acting quickly to stop porpoising

Pierre Gasly and Kevin Magnussen, who have both denounced the bouncing problems in Formula 1, have praised the FIA’s resolve to address them.

Pierre Gasly FIA 2022

Pierre Gasly and Kevin Magnussen, two veteran Formula One drivers, have endorsed the FIA’s latest innovative directive, which seeks to eliminate bouncing in the next generation of Formula One vehicles.

With the problem of high-speed bouncing unwilling to go away, F1 racers have successfully petitioned the FIA to act.

The FIA published a new technical directive before the Canadian Grand Prix weekend with the objective of removing or minimising the amount of bouncing the cars will do.

While the directive’s specifics are still being worked out, racers have largely hailed the FIA’s move to act.

Following the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, AlphaTauri’s Gasly was vociferous in his complaint of excessive bouncing, and the announcement of a technical instruction was welcomed.

“I am happy that they are taking it seriously and that they are trying to intervene as quickly as possible with measures,” Gasly told media, including RacingNews365.com.

“We drivers are ultimately the ones who have to take the blows of these impacts and suffer the pain. I am happy that the FIA has understood our message and responded quickly.”

Gasly: Drivers, not teams, should be discussing safety matters

The latest innovative directive has elicited mixed reactions from the teams, but the majority of the racers feel that something must be done.

With teams typically putting the speed of their vehicles first, Gasly thinks that concerns about racer health and safety should come solely from the racers.

“If you only look at the onboard images, you don’t even realise what it’s like. Only when you are in the car at 330 kilometres per hour do you understand that,” added Gasly.

“That is why we [the drivers] can best have this discussion. In any case, I’m just happy that the FIA has understood that this is a serious, serious subject.

“It wasn’t a problem for me at first. I spend a lot of time in the gym, but I’ve never felt the way I did in Baku. [I had] two treatments from the physio a day, because my back hurt so much.

“On Monday I also had another session immediately after my flight, because my back hurt. I still feel a bit stiff. It’s the new normal, but in the future, solutions really need to be found.”

Magnussen: This is the reason the FIA exists

Kevin Magnussen mirrored Gasly’s comments and applauded the FIA’s intervention move.

The Haas racer also believed that the teams should have no input in driver health and safety issues.

“That’s why the FIA is there. That’s why they exist. That’s part of their job, the intervention, because we can’t leave it to the teams,” said Magnussen.

“They will always do what is best for them. That is natural and you should expect that from everyone. The FIA is there to intervene as the ‘adult’.”

Magnussen went on to say that he wasn’t certain if the FIA’s intervention was prompted by driver concerns.

“I don’t know if it’s a reaction to the drivers after Baku. You have to ask them that, but I hope they at least listen to what the drivers have said,” the Dane continued.

“The FIA is concerned about safety. From a health point of view, this could potentially be a problem.”

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