The Hamilton camp’s initial reaction to the loss of the title: It’s a disgrace!

The manner in which the 2021 title fight ended at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has irritated Lewis Hamilton’s brother.

Lewis Hamilton

In the closing minutes of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton’s brother, Nicolas, criticized the FIA for “breaking their own regulations,” as Max Verstappen secured victory and the World Championship.

The race was turned on its head in the closing laps by a Safety Car period to cover Nicholas Latifi’s collision, which Hamilton had controlled for the bulk of Sunday’s race after past Verstappen at the start.

Despite the uncertainty about whether the race would restart, Verstappen pitted on new Soft tyres, while Hamilton stayed out on old Hards.

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As the laps ticked away, numerous lapped cars sat between the two were told to hold position, only to be released by Race Director Michael Masi minutes before the Safety Car reappeared with one lap remaining.

Toto Wolff’s displeasure, Verstappen closed up on the back of Hamilton for the restart and surged past him to win the race and the championship, much to the chagrin of Mercedes chief Toto Wolff, who singled him Masi on the radio.

“A disgrace to our whole sport”

Nicolas Hamilton paid tribute to his brother for his efforts throughout the season in an Instagram post titled “the true champion,” and criticized the FIA for how they managed the final few laps.

“The FIA broke their own rules, which is a disgrace to our whole sport,” he wrote.

“Nevertheless, regardless of being mistreated today, the Hamiltons were humble in defeat. My father, the guy who raised us, congratulating Max and his father Jos.

“People can say what they like, but my father’s gesture proves all of the doubters and haters wrong and shows who we are as ‘The Hamiltons’. Proving people wrong is in our DNA, which Lewis does on a daily basis.

“[He showed] utter professionalism and decency in defeat, even though we all know that he was let down by the sport that he has given so much to.”

“Congratulations to Max for such a fantastic season,” he said as he signed off.

The stewards dismissed Mercedes’ initial post-race protests, but the team has stated that they want to appeal.

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