The head of Aston Martin appreciates the racers’ approach to team matters

Aston Martin’s engine problems persist as a consequence of their much-discussed upgrade package failing to meet the following objectives. Mike Krack, the team manager, has described how the racers are handling this.


The squad’s racers have received plaudits from Aston Martin team manager Mike Krack for how they have handled current problems that have plagued the squad.

The British team debuted an upgrade package at the Spanish Grand Prix in May, sparking a lot of debate at the time because several of the changes, especially those to the sidepods and engine cover, were seen as similar to Red Bull’s RB18.

The FIA cleared Aston Martin of any misconduct in the situation.

The team had expected that the modifications would have a positive effect on performance on the racetrack, but Krack acknowledges that Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll have mentioned some persistent problems with the AMR22.

Aston Martin lists the major problems

“The drivers are mainly always complaining about grip and balance,” Krack told media, including

“So obviously, when you push it really hard – which I always think, when you have a car that is not quick enough, you over push or you try to over push – you have balance problems.

“We have had sessions where to go faster, you need more grip. We struggle in all high-speed areas. In Canada, there was less of them. In Baku, there was less of them.

“[The] car is quite okay, I think, in the low-speed corners, but as soon as it goes high-speed, we are lacking.”

Praise for Vettel and Stroll for not showing “frustration”

Krack praised the racers for their ongoing feedback and inspiration when questioned how they were addressing the squad’s present challenges.

“Both drivers, we have to really say hats off [to them for] how they cope with it, how constructive they still are with us,” Krack explained.

“There is no bad word, nothing at all. We try to do this together, try to get out [of the issues] together. They give us very good feedback.

“It would be easy for them to get frustrated, but this is not what happens.

“Both Lance and Sebastian [are] very constructive in all the meetings, and you could not sense any lack of pushing or motivation from the current situation.”

The squad’s strategy for the upcoming races

Krack was asked if he is pretty excited about the Hungarian Grand Prix at the end of July given the car’s troubles in high-speed regions, given that low-speed sections of the Hungaroring may suit the AMR22 more.

Despite the team’s recent difficulties, Krack is not preferring any particular track over others.

“Personally, I’m looking forward to all the tracks, because [it’s the] reason why we are all here,” he commented.

“There is not one track where I would say, ‘No, I don’t want to go there because the car performance is bad’.

“It’s a challenge. We knew when we went to Silverstone [and Austria], that it [was] going to be tough.

“But still you try to do your maximum and try to do as best as you can, and move the car as far forward as possible.

“If it doesn’t work as you expect, you have to [try] harder next time.”

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