Three Dallas Cowboys Trade Ideas To Consider For Miami Dolphins Cb Xavien Howard.

We are just talking here. Just talking out loud. That’s the whole foundation of coming up with trade ideas, right? You think about what you want, what you are willing to give up, and you try to meet somewhere in the middle together. It’s a tale as old as time. Truly a beauty and the beast sort of situation.

NFL We have seen the Dallas Cowboys consider trades in recent years. Back in 2018 they very famously dealt for Amari Cooper, and before the 2019 season began they got Robert Quinn to wear a star on his helmet.

The latter of those two deals was with the Miami Dolphins who happen to have a player that reportedly is unhappy with his contract. We are talking about Xavien Howard who led the NFL in interceptions last season – coincidentally playing in the same defensive backfield as former Cowboys corner Byron Jones – so landing a player of this caliber would not exactly be a bad thing.

In considering potential trades for Howard we have to think about what we would be willing to give up to get him. Roy White did just that on the latest episode of Ryled Up on the Blogging The Boys podcast network. You can listen to the episode below, plus make sure to subscribe to the Blogging The Boys podcast network wherever you get your podcasts. Apple users can subscribe right here and those who use Spotify can subscribe right here.

Roy also discussed ESPN’s collective rankings of wide receivers and Amari Cooper’s omission from them, but right now we are talking about the All-Pro cornerback that Amari Cooper has had his way with in recent memory.

In order for the Cowboys to land Howard they would likely have to forfeit (per the reports) a first-round pick and also be willing to pay him a sizable contract. NFL Howard’s contractual feelings at the moment likely stem from the fact that Byron Jones is paid more handsomely than he is, and given the fact that Dallas was unwilling to pay Jones it seems unlikely that they would be down to top what he got in addition to surrendering draft capital.

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