Verstappen wins the Japanese Grand Prix, but Red Bull question the points scoring

While Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull, previously expected that less points would be awarded following Max Verstappen’s triumph in the shortened Japanese Grand Prix, which may have given him the World Championship, Horner now thinks that the scoring system needs to be examined.


Christian Horner thinks it was “wrong” to award all points for the shortened Japanese Grand Prix.

Rain caused the race, which had started on schedule initially, to be postponed by two hours. However, it was capable of resuming for a 45-minute event, going to 28 laps instead of the planned 53.

Max Verstappen, who started on pole, won the race, and many had anticipated fewer points to be given out after a new system had been implemented earlier this year in light of the wet 2021 Belgian Grand Prix, which only lasted three laps behind the Safety Car.

Following the race in Suzuka, hopes were raised that points would be given for a race distance between 50% and 75% under the new regulations, which outlined the amount of points given in line with the race distance finished.

Nevertheless, since the race continued after the first red flag, full points were given.

Verstappen was entitled to get the full 25 points because the race was not stopped in accordance with Article 57 of the Sporting Regulations and was not resumed.

Verstappen gained the necessary point lead over Leclerc and Perez to clinch Championship after second-placed Charles Leclerc was given a five-second time penalty for cutting a chicane on the closing laps as he attempted to fend off a charging Sergio Perez.

Red Bull’s points system has surprised people.

Many people were surprised by the decision to award full points, notably Horner, who has asked whether there is a “fault” in the rules.

“I think it’s a mistake that wasn’t included after the issues in Spa last year,” Horner told media after the race.

“The regulations obviously haven’t been mopped up, because we were under the strong impression that only 75 per cent points would be scored.

“So we felt we were going to be one point short. But in the end, Checo’s move on Charles nailed Max the championship. So you could see his surprise, the team’s surprise. But what a wonderful surprise.”

Horner believes that the rule will now be changed.

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