Vettel is expected to continue on competing after leaving Formula 1

Despite announcing his retirement from Formula 1 at the end of the current season, Sebastian Vettel has received support from a former Ferrari racer to keep competing in racing.


Sebastian Vettel, a four-time World Champion, has been predicted by Jean Alesi to continue competing in motorsports after leaving Formula 1.

Vettel made the choice to retire from Grand Prix motorsport at the completion of 2022 after 15 full-time seasons before to the Hungarian Grand Prix.

He will be replaced at Aston Martin by Fernando Alonso as he wishes to spend more time with his family and support larger causes.

Alesi, a fellow ex-Ferrari racer, thinks that Vettel still has more to give in the world of racing.

Alesi: Vettel is still very young

Vettel, 35, won his first F1 World Championship in 2010 at the age of 23 years, 134 days, making him the sport’s youngest champion in history.

After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, according to Alesi, who left Formula One at the age of 37 in 2001, Vettel will continue to compete in some form of racing.

“He did it [announced his retirement] at a good time,” Alesi explained to GiveMeSport.

He is a four-time World Champion, he is very well respected in F1 by all the drivers and that means a lot.

“But he’s quite young, so probably we will see him back in a racing car quite soon, I believe.”

After praising the track during the Miami Grand Prix weekend and criticising the Miami International Autodrome, Graham Rahal, an IndyCar racer, offered Vettel to test one of the series’ cars at Road America.

Alesi thinks Alonso still has championship potential

Alesi was supportive of Alonso’s decision from Alpine to Aston Martin, saying that Alonso is still able to compete at the front of F1, even if the equipment isn’t up to it.

“Absolutely,” Alesi responded when asked if Alonso could win another title to add to the two he won in 2005 and 2006.

“We cannot talk about talent [as a reason why not], because we know he has it.

“Yes, the cars are very demanding in terms of g-force but Fernando has never stopped [driving].

“When he was not in Formula 1 [in 2019 and 2020], he was running sports cars and he is always in a car so I’m sure he can [compete].

“But to win a world championship for a team like Aston now, I don’t believe it will happen next year [at least]. I understand there is a new investor in Aston Martin and they are very ambitious.

“The ambition is very high. So I hope he has made a good move this time because sometimes he has made some mistakes in his life.

“But to finish a career with a good move would be a very good story for all of us.”

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