Why Red Bull believes victory in 2022 was “earned” more than prior victories

Paul Monaghan, the head engineer at Red Bull, compared winning the title this year to prior victories, such as the team’s inaugural Constructors’ Championship in 2010.


In comparison to other years, Red Bull believes that winning the 2022 Constructors’ Championship seems more “deserved.”

Red Bull Chief Engineer Paul Monaghan discusses the team’s accomplishments this season and how their domination has prevented them from needing any “luck” to go their way in order to win the championship.

“Different, equally as satisfying? I remember the first Constructors’ Championship in Brazil 2010. There wasn’t a belief that we could get there. It was sort of an expectation, and it was then a massive relief,” he said on the F1 Nation podcast.

“This one, it feels a bit more like we’ve earned it and we’re rightfully there as opposed to being a little bit lucky.”

Monaghan continues by saying that the team’s performance this year is what allowed them to defeat one of the top world’s automobile manufacturers.

“So thrilled for everybody that works for the team, supports the team, Honda, there’s a load of people back in Milton Keynes that do a wonderful work,” he added.

“But what a team effort and we’ve taken on on the biggest car manufacturers in the world and beaten them.”

Monaghan: Verstappen’s performances in 2022 will be more “assured”

Monaghan believes that Max Verstappen’s strategy to 2022 has been significantly more “assured” than prior years, when asked about the aspects of the season where he has performed best.

“I’ve seen a more assured Max with his own performances,” he explained.

“Disappointments like Bahrain, Australia, they didn’t derail him. You’d see a calmness to him, which wasn’t always there in the past. Last year was was a tumultuous year with Lewis [Hamilton] and he fought all the way.

“This year in adversity, he’s demonstrated unbelievable levels of skill and competence.

“We’ve been a bit fortunate if you look at Spain, we shouldn’t really have won that one, but we did. So I’ve seen more mature Max driving better than I’ve ever seen him drive.”

Red Bull started to think they could win when?

When questioned when he thought Red Bull could claim the title, Monaghan responded that the squad began to think it was conceivable after the Dutch Grand Prix in September.

“Netherlands? I think [at] Monza we were a little bit fortunate. Up until then, if you don’t want to let it get away from yourself, you think, ‘We’ve really got to mess up if we’re going to fall over,'” he commented.

“But never take it for granted. Charles [Leclerc] is a hell of a driver, isn’t he? I never really felt it [the championship] was in the bag until it is.”

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