Why Sainz might be about to realise something “terrible” at Ferrari

In this year’s Drivers’ Championship, Martin Brundle thinks Ferrari is almost ready to give Charles Leclerc priority.


Former F1 racer Martin Brundle believes Ferrari will soon grant Charles Leclerc high priority so that he may contend for the Drivers’ Championship.

In an effort to restart the competition in the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Standings after Red Bull went on a six-race undefeated streak, Ferrari battled back with victories at the British and Austrian Grands Prix.

Carlos Sainz appeared to be on track for 2nd spot at the Austrian Grand Prix after winning his maiden F1 race at Silverstone, but a power unit malfunction forced him to retire early.

Brundle feared that fans will be denied a season-long title contest given that Ferrari’s championship campaign has been hampered thus far this season by mechanical difficulties and tactical mistakes.

“Max calmly and skilfully leads the championship by 38 points over Charles but that could have been so different if Ferrari had been more reliable such as in Spain and Azerbaijan, or sharper on strategy such as in Monaco and Britain,” Brundle wrote in his column for Sky Sports.

“Max of course had two retirements in the first three races but Leclerc’s pace throughout has been deeply impressive, and if you wear a neutral F1 cap we are so far being denied another cliffhanger of a championship.”

Could Ferrari soon give Leclerc priority?

After winning in Austria, Leclerc, who is currently ranked second among racers, now has a 37-point advantage over his colleague.

Leclerc is still 38 points behind Max Verstappen in the standings, and the two drivers appear to be favourites to compete for the 2022 Drivers’ Championship.

Brundle thinks Leclerc’s points lead over Sainz may soon lead to him being given priority in the title now that half of the season has passed and Red Bull appears to be on top of their own reliability issues from earlier in the year.

“The Ferrari is fragile and Sainz’s power unit blow-up was bodywork shattering, followed by a very expensive fire in this cost cap era,” added Brundle.

“Fresh from his inaugural victory at Silverstone, Sainz was absolutely gutted, a guaranteed at least second place gone up in smoke.

“As we move into the second half of the season the trailing Ferrari team must be close to calling off the battle between their two drivers and he will be aware of this.

“It was a very painful and sad moment for him championship-wise.”

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