Williams received a £26 million against a previous sponsor in court

Rokit, the previous main sponsor, must now pay Williams the sizeable sum, according to a ruling by a judge in the US.


A US judge has ruled that ROKiT, the previous main sponsor of Williams, to give the Formula 1 squad more than £26 million.

Prior to the 2019 season, ROKiT became the main sponsor of Williams, and throughout preseason practice in 2020, it was seen on the cars of George Russell and Nicholas Latifi.

When the 2020 season began in July, Williams did not use the ROKiT livery due to COVID-19, the sponsor’s breach of contract.

As a result, a three-year contract that was supposed to last only 1 year was terminated, and ROKiT stopped paying the team as promised.

Williams consequently filed a lawsuit, claiming that their contract had been broken.

Williams receives a legal win

On December 1st, Judge Christina A. Synder of the Central District of California’s United States District Court determined that ROKiT must pay Williams £26,220,094.25 GBP.

In dollars, that comes to $32.2 million.

Williams’ legal expenses will also be covered by £1 million by ROKiT.

While the telecoms company continues to be involved in racing sponsorship, primarily in Formula E and British Touring Cars, sponsoring Nicholas Hamilton, Lewis’ brother, Williams has since been sold to US corporation Dorilton Capital.

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