World champion Fabio Quartararo: Yamaha needs to upgrade the grip uncertainties in MotoGP

Yamaha needs to tackle the ‘little irritating’ uncertainty of how much grip the 2022 bike will have from race to circuit, according to defending MotoGP championship Fabio Quartararo.


After a difficult start to 2022, Quartararo is presently fifth in the finals, with a lack of power in Qatar and Argentina – along with the M1’s lack of horsepower compared to competitors – placing him ninth and eighth, respectively.

He had anticipated that a solid second place finish in the rainy Indonesian GP, after Yamaha improved its grip in the rain, would help him to address his traction issues in the dry.

The Grand Prix of the Americas will be held this weekend on a COTA course that has been largely resurfaced after last year’s bump issues.

The grippyness of the new asphalt, according to Quartararo, will play a role in determining how strong Yamaha will be this weekend.

“Last October I was in a totally different position as now, so of course I will ride a little bit more relaxed than a few months ago,” he said on Thursday in Texas. “Let’s see how the new asphalt is, hopefully it has quite a lot of grip because right now I feel it is the most important thing that can predict our weekend.

“I’m looking forward because I feel like it can be a great weekend.”

When questioned if the uncertainties regarding Yamaha’s grip issues was annoying, Quartararo replied, “A little bit, yes, because, at the end of the day, it’s – I won’t say frustrating – but before you start the weekend, you know that if the grip isn’t enough, you know your chances are less.” Finally, aside from top speed, this is the area where we most need to improve.

“But this year we need to focus on that and try to make a step, but every time I start a weekend it’s the same mentality; to do my best, try to have the best results possible, to make the best race on a Sunday, but it’s true that you never know what to expect before.

“At the end, the most important thing is believing in yourself and trying to achieve what you think you can do during the weekend.”

Quartararo has repeatedly stated his future beyond 2022 remains open given the lack of progress Yamaha has made with its bike this year, but says he’s currently not thinking about any new deals.

“Well, I don’t really think about that for me, at the end it’s a normal GP,” he replied if being at Yamaha title sponsor Monster’s home race had him thinking about his future.

“I know we are here also in the country of Monster so I will do my best. For my future, we will see when I will take my decision.”

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