10 Seinen Anime That Didn’t Live up to Their Potential Premises

Top 10 Seinen Anime That Wasted Great Premises

  1. Tokyo Ghoul: This popular dark fantasy series started strong with its premise of ghouls living among humans, but as the series progressed, it failed to deliver on its potential, with lackluster character development and confusing plotlines.
  2. Gangsta.: This anime had a promising setting of a city run by organized crime and two “handymen” who take on dangerous jobs, but it was let down by poor pacing and an incomplete storyline due to the studio’s bankruptcy.
  3. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity is forced to live in fortified stations to protect themselves from zombie-like creatures, this anime had great action sequences and animation, but its characters lacked depth and the plot became convoluted.
  4. Big Order: From the creator of Mirai Nikki, Big Order had an interesting premise of a boy with the power to make anything he desires a reality, but it suffered from confusing storytelling, inconsistent animation, and poorly developed characters.
  5. Akame ga Kill!: This anime promised a dark and gritty story of assassins fighting against a corrupt government, but it ultimately failed to deliver due to rushed pacing and a lack of character development.
  6. Terra Formars: In this anime, humanity attempts to terraform Mars with the help of genetically modified cockroaches, but the show was let down by poor animation and pacing, as well as a lack of character development.
  7. Charlotte: This anime had a unique premise of teenagers with supernatural abilities, but it failed to deliver on its potential with a rushed and poorly executed storyline.
  8. Aldnoah.Zero: In this anime, humans colonize Mars and tensions rise between them and those living on Earth, but it suffered from a confusing plot and inconsistent character development.
  9. Black Bullet: Set in a world where humanity is forced to live in cities protected by young girls with superhuman abilities, this anime had great action scenes but was let down by a weak storyline and underdeveloped characters.
  10. Taboo Tattoo: This anime had an interesting concept of tattoos that give people superhuman abilities, but it suffered from poor pacing, inconsistent animation, and a lack of character development.

Overall, these anime series had great premises but failed to deliver on their potential due to poor pacing, inconsistent animation, and weak character development.

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