A comparison between Red Bull’s RB19 and Mercedes’ newest W14

The improvements are now exposed, but how does the new W14 stack up against the class-leading RB19?


The massive package of changes Mercedes hopes will enable themselves to start enticing Formula 1 pacesetters Red Bull in have been made public.

The new modifications finally emerged in the Monaco pit lane one week shortly after the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix was postponed, since the zero sidepod idea had been firmly abandoned.

Red Bull’s ‘anti-dive’ technology, which is a vital component of their dominance, has been modified, along with the front suspension, on the car driven by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.

Images of the new W14 next to the troublesome old one and the class-leading RB19 they intend to capture have been generated by RacingNews365 side by side.

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