De Vries is “not surprised” by exit rumors, says “I’ve done too many things wrong”

Nyck de Vries takes into account that he has “a lot of mistakes” in the early going of the 2023 season and said he was unsurprised by Helmut Marko’s criticisms for Red Bull.


Nyck de Vries says that he wasn’t shocked by Red Bull’s Helmut Marko’s ‘typical’ high-demand statements about his chances in Formula 1.

Stress has been rising on the Formula E winner as the Dutchman has been unable to duplicate the accomplishments of colleague Yuki Tsunoda in his first few races as an AlphaTauri racer.

De Vries has recently received the hurry-up from Red Bull’s Motorsport Advisor due to careless mistakes that have destroyed his prospects of acceptable race results.

Speaking in front of the Monaco Grand Prix, de Vries indicated that he was not shocked by the pressured statements and that things are continuing much as they did at the beginning of the year.

“It’s not a shock to me. It’s normal, it’s this industry, it’s always been like that, in Red Bull and in Formula One,” de Vries told media, including

“I genuinely believe that it’s no different than earlier in the season. You’ve always got to perform, you’ve always got to deliver, and it’s been like that throughout my whole career.

“I think as a driver, you always kind of fight for your survival, and you always need to deliver to continue your career forward successfully. It’s how it’s always been.

“You might not believe me when I say it, but I honestly don’t think there is more pressure than there has been at any other time.”

‘Too many mistakes,’ says De Vries

De Vries was given an AlphaTauri seat for 2023 after making a strong impression on his F1 start with Williams in 2022.

The 28-year-old has put more stress on himself, though, after making a string of mistakes in the first few races, involving front wing damage at Turn 1 of the Miami Grand Prix and race-ending damage from wall contact at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

“I definitely think that I personally have made too many mistakes. I will admit that very openly,” added de Vries.

“I also believe that the pace has been strong at several moments, and that kind of encourages me and gives me confidence, but I haven’t been able to execute it at the end and haven’t been able to put it together. But I do believe the speed has been kind of there.

“But equally, I have made too many mistakes to turn that into a result. But that’s kind of a part of the learning process you go through and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.

“We’re all human, we make mistakes, and we move on.”

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