Carlos Sainz: Car upgrades that let me “push without worry”

After a rocky beginning for the F1 2022 season, Carlos Sainz thinks he is getting closer to “pushing without fear.”


Carlos Sainz thinks his efforts to become more effective in the F1 2022 season are making headway.

The Ferrari racer has had a difficult start to the season; despite Ferrari’s strong car, he has not performed as well as Max Verstappen of Red Bull or teammate Charles Leclerc.

This season, Leclerc has two victories and six pole positions, whereas Sainz has yet to reach either mark.

Sainz, who put pressure on Verstappen in the dying laps of the Canadian GP, came excruciatingly close to winning his maiden Formula One race.

Sainz thinks a shift in strategy to concentrate on his personal preparation and becoming at ease in the car helped them outpace Red Bull competitors in the race.

“As I said a few races ago I want to take it a bit more race by race, and not thinking too much about the championship or anything like that,” Sainz told media, including

“I really want to focus on getting to a track and see if I can get myself in a good window of performance and comfort inside the car.

“[In Canada] I did that right from FP1, I looked very quick both in quali and race pace.”

Sainz wants to make improvements again

Sainz has typically been beaten by Leclerc this season, despite numerous forecasts of a close competition between the Ferrari racers.

The 27-year-mid-race old’s driving mistakes at the Australian and Spanish Grands Prix cost him and the squad vital points, which hasn’t improved his situation.

Sainz said that he may have felt more confident in the car if he had refocused on his ability to drive the vehicle closer to its limit.

“In the [Canadian GP] race I was pushing flat out without any fear of losing the car, like I had for example in Barcelona,” said Sainz.

“There’s some good progress being made and we’ve changed a lot of things on the car to try and make it a bit more to my liking, and they seem to be working.

“At the same time, I think I need more circuits. I need different kinds of corners to have a proper feel for that.”

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