Driver ratings for F1 in 2022 from video games

The driver ratings for F1 2022, a brand-new video game, have been disclosed by Codemasters and EA Sports. Below is a list of every point earned by Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and the remainder of the grid.


For the debut of the next F1 2022 video game, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton received the same overall rating.

Each racer receives a score based on Experience (EXP), Racecraft (RAC), Awareness (AWA), and Pace (PAC), with all four factors combining to create an overall Rating (RTG).

Verstappen and Hamilton, with a total rating of 94 each, are at the top of the 2022 standings after taking those criteria into consideration.

It’s significant to observe that Hamilton has a considerably greater Awareness score than Verstappen, who has a higher Racecraft (98) and Pace (97) rating (92).

How about the remaining F1 grid?

With a cumulative score of 92, Charles Leclerc is third after Verstappen and Hamilton, followed immediately by Lando Norris and George Russell (both 90).

Valtteri Bottas, Sergio Perez, and Sebastian Vettel follow Fernando Alonso in the order of finish, with Carlos Sainz and Sebastian Vettel rounding out the top 10.

Zhou Guanyu, a rookie, and Nicholas Latifi, who are at the bottom of the list, both received scores of 70.

The complete list of F1 2022 driver rankings can be found below:

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