Explore the tier list ranking of every Breathing Style in Demon Slayer’s Midnight Sun technique

Here’s a tier list ranking of the Breathing Styles in Demon Slayer’s Midnight Sun technique:


  1. Breath of Water: Known for its fluid and adaptable movements, Breath of Water allows users to enhance their agility and precision in battle. It is highly effective against opponents with strong defenses.
  2. Breath of Thunder: This style focuses on lightning-fast strikes and electrifying movements. Users of Breath of Thunder can unleash devastating attacks with incredible speed, making it a formidable and offensive Breathing Style.

A-Tier: 3. Breath of Flames: With its fiery and explosive techniques, Breath of Flames excels in dealing heavy damage to enemies. It harnesses the power of fire to enhance both offense and defense.

  1. Breath of Wind: Breath of Wind emphasizes swiftness and evasive maneuvers, enabling users to dodge attacks effortlessly. It is characterized by its graceful and nimble movements, making it ideal for hit-and-run tactics.

B-Tier: 5. Breath of Stone: Focusing on immense strength and unyielding defense, Breath of Stone grants users incredible durability and resilience. It enables them to withstand powerful blows and deliver devastating counterattacks.

  1. Breath of Insects: This style utilizes the agility and unpredictability of insects. Breath of Insects allows users to confuse opponents and strike swiftly from unexpected angles, making it a versatile and strategic Breathing Style.

C-Tier: 7. Breath of Flower: Breath of Flower emphasizes flexibility and elegant movements. While it lacks raw power, this style compensates with its precise and graceful techniques, making it suitable for precise strikes and finesse-based combat.

  1. Breath of Mist: Known for its illusionary techniques and mist-like movements, Breath of Mist focuses on disorienting opponents and creating opportunities for surprise attacks. It relies on misdirection and stealth to gain an advantage in battle.

D-Tier: 9. Breath of Serpent: Breath of Serpent emphasizes flexibility and coiling movements, imitating the characteristics of serpents. While it offers unique techniques, it is considered less effective compared to other Breathing Styles in terms of overall combat prowess.

  1. Breath of Moon: This style is rare and elusive, utilizing the tranquil and ethereal power of the moon. While it possesses its own mystical charm, Breath of Moon is often overshadowed by more practical and battle-oriented Breathing Styles.

Note: The ranking of Breathing Styles is subjective and may vary depending on individual skill, training, and the context of battles. Each style has its own strengths and weaknesses, and mastery of any Breathing Style requires dedicated training and discipline.

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