Schumacher Hamilton

Hamilton is praised by Schumacher for being ‘very open’ to receiving advice

Mick Schumacher is known for his friendly relationship with compatriot Sebastian Vettel, but the Haas driver claims he has had some great discussions with Lewis Hamilton as well.

Schumacher Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is “very open” to offering Mick Schumacher advise when he needs it, according to Mick Schumacher.

Last year, the Haas driver finished his rookie season in Formula One and was frequently seen talking with Sebastian Vettel, a close friend of the Schumacher family.

Schumacher, on the other hand, enjoys talking with Hamilton, even if it isn’t always about racing.

“Yeah definitely, he’s always been very open to giving advice to help me in the position I was in,” Schumacher told when asked if Hamilton had given him any advise.

“Also, already back in the day, when my dad wasn’t with Mercedes anymore, I did get the chance to come to a few races and see him there.

“It’s been definitely nice knowing that when he had time he was able to talk to me about certain things. Those conversations are obviously private. Some of it is related to racing but most of it is just on a friendly basis.”

Schumacher also told about the support received from Vettel: “It’s definitely great. But more so than being my mentor, he’s my friend. I think that is something which is much more valuable to me. That’s the more important part to me.”

“Surreal” to race drivers who competed against Schumacher Snr

Vettel and Hamilton both raced against Michael Schumacher’s father, the seven-time World Champion. Fernando Alonso, as well as the recently retired Kimi Raikkonen, were also previous rivals of Schumacher Snr.

The younger Schumacher admits that racing among individuals who raced with his father is odd, and he anticipates that the experience will be similar for them as well.

“Thinking that they raced two generations, it must be surreal for them too,” Schumacher said.

“It must make them feel… Like they’ve been in the sport for quite a while. Unfortunately it was not as much battling as I would like it to be.

“But hopefully, some of them are going to be there next year, so hopefully I can repay the favour and get to battle with them again.”

In the 2022 Formula One season, Schumacher will race alongside Nikita Mazepin for Haas.

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