Mercedes responds to speculation about their 2022 car

Despite rumours of a failed crash test, Mercedes insists that their 2022 F1 car has completed the FIA’s homologation process.


Mercedes has responded to reports that their new Formula One car, the W13, failed a pre-season crash test, claiming that the W13 has already passed the FIA’s homologation process.

Red Bull and Mercedes, both 2021 title contenders, failed the necessary testing over the weekend, according to Italian media. Mercedes, on the other hand, has tried to reject the reports after Red Bull soothed concerns about their preparations.

Mercedes pass the FIA’s checks with their new car

Mercedes stated in a note given to media, including, that the W13 passed the FIA’s homologation process two and a half weeks ago, on 13 January.

The team also mentioned the reinforced ‘side squeeze test’ under F1’s new technical standards, which reports had singled out as an apparent problem area.

Mercedes-Benz will reveal its 2022 model to the public on February 18th.

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