Missouri Highway Patrol: ‘Gotham City’ emergency alert about Joker’s car was a mistake


The Missouri State Highway Patrol is rushing to retract an emergency notice about a Batman villain that was sent out.

At around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, the unusual warning said, “Emergency Alert: GOTHAM CITY MO PURPLE/GREEN 1978 DODGE 3700GT MO UKIDME.”

Some recipients understood what this meant right away.

One Twitter commenter posted, “The Joker is 100 percent on the loose in Kansas City.”

Batman lives in Gotham City, a fictional metropolis. In Tim Burton’s Batman, the Joker, the superhero’s main adversary, drives a purple and green 1978 Dodge Monaco.

The MISHP urged with Missourians to ignore the warning minutes later.

“This was meant to be a test message, THERE WAS NO ALERT,” the Patrol tweeted.

On its website, the agency also offered an explanation.

“Today, a routine test of Missouri’s Blue Alert system was inadvertently sent to wireless devices statewide,” the MISHP said in a statement. “During the test, an option was incorrectly selected, allowing the message to be disseminated to the public. There is no Emergency Alert at this time. The Patrol appreciates the public’s understanding and support of the Emergency Alert program.”

Others, though, were not so understanding.

“How and why did this happen?” KMBC anchor Matt Flener replied to MISHP’s tweet. “This seems like a major error, especially at a time of heightened alert. Who should be held accountable for this?”

Others were less concerned about the situation.

“Come on,” one user replied to Mr Flener. “Just have fun and chill out. Anyone could realize it wasn’t real. We don’t have a Gotham MO lol.”

Others thought the Gotham alarm was serious.

“Some users are older and have no idea what the Joker reference is,” one concerned citizen wrote. “Not funny.”

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