Perez’s reason on why he performs well on F1’s street circuit

Sergio Perez is known as the “King of the Streets” and has won four of his five career races on street circuits.

Ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix, Sergio Perez shared the reasons he believes he performs well on street circuits in Formula 1.

Four of the Red Bull racer’s five career victories, notably this season’s victories in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan, which have been the best starts to a season in his career, have come on street circuits as of the 2023 Miami Grand Prix.

Perez has won the Monte Carlo race twice, most recently in 2022. His expert handling of the tyres and smooth throttle application are frequently mentioned as contributing factors to his dominance.

The Mexican also has a different explanation for why he has won 80% of his races on temporary tracks.

Perez on the street track

Perez expressed his love of street races to the media, including, saying, “I always enjoy them, they’re always good.”

“In such circuits, you always have to be very strong in the race, very strong with the pressure and be able to handle the pressure.

“You are not able to make mistakes, if you do a small mistake on a normal circuit, you can get away with it, but on the streets, you cannot get away with those mistakes.

“I think I probably have more confidence than others come race day, and at the end of the day, the way I won in Baku on pure pace, it doesn’t matter if it’s a street circuit or a permanent circuit.

“If I can do that in Baku, I can do it anywhere.”

Playing with the car

While teammate Max Verstappen has racked up 19 victories (excluding the washed-out 2021 Belgian Grand Prix), Perez has yet to claim a Red Bull triumph on a permanent circuit.

On street circuits, he believes he can “play” with the car more and make a difference.

The driver continued, “I see no reason why [I can’t improve] when we travel to various circuits. The reason I am strong in these circuits is because I am able to play with the car more than I am used to.

“Every weekend is a challenge, so it is hard on paper to know if it suits you or not, so that’s why it is important to just be able to keep playing the car.

“I think I have a really good understanding with the car, and believe I can be strong anywhere.”

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