Verstappen supports Mercedes’ improvement plan at Monaco

Max Verstappen complimented Mercedes’ choice to introduce their eagerly anticipated improvements in Monaco.


Max Verstappen supported Mercedes’ plan of introducing their significant Formula 1 upgrade package at the Monaco Grand Prix rather than delaying it until Spain.

On Thursday in Monte Carlo, Mercedes introduced the package that was supposed to premiere at the postponed Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, revealing the much-hyped enhancements of the W14.

Mercedes decided to install the updated sidepods and front suspension on the W14 for the race in Monaco rather than waiting until a conventional racetrack in Barcelona the following week in order to gather as much data as possible before moving to Spain.

Verstappen has given his full support to Mercedes’ choice, as they hope the package would put them in a position to catch Red Bull off guard.

Verstappen supports Mercedes

Verstappen told the reporters in Monaco, including, “I would always put it on the car as soon as possible rather than leaving it in the garage.”

“It is really difficult to tell [what to expect from Mercedes], I think for them as well, it is a rush to understand a whole new concept.

“I don’t know where it is going to be.”

The reigning world champion also responded to rumors that Ferrari may be eyeing Hamilton for a ’24 drive in order to take the 2021 championship from him.

Verstappen, meanwhile, stressed that he would not be affected if Hamilton did decide to go to Maranello.

“I’m not betting, I’m not interested, and it is not my problem,” he said.

“It is [Lewis’] decision. I think he feels really happy at Mercedes, they’ve won a lot together and maybe it is good as it ups the price at Mercedes a little bit.”

Below is a complete photo gallery of the Mercedes W14 modifications!

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