Pierre Gasly: Alpha Tauri track time was lost in Dutch GP practises due to “confusion”

Problems with new parts that were brought to Zandvoort caused the Alpha Tauri racer to have a setback.


In practise for the Dutch Grand Prix, Pierre Gasly faced a setback after losing racetrack time due to “confusion” with the installation of new parts.

Since new parts not fitting properly on his suspension system, the Alpha Tauri racer finished outside the top 10 in both sessions and said there was nothing the squad could do to improve.

“There is nothing to take from the session because we had planned to run a certain setup and the parts didn’t fit properly [on] the suspension position,” said Gasly to media.

“There wasn’t any reliability issues, but clearly what was put on [the car] wasn’t what we intended and we’ll have to review and put the car back together for tomorrow.”

Alpha Tauri might have difficulty reaching Q2

Gasly thinks qualifying could be difficult for the team given the difficulties this weekend as he attempts to go to Q2.

“We’ll try to make it to Q2, but so far, it’s been quite challenging,” he added.

“I’m sure we’ll find some solution. But the moment we have too many issues which we didn’t have before.”

In order to maintain any pace they may have in the last practise session of the weekend, according to Gasly’s squad, they will aim to leverage data from teammate Yuki Tsunoda.

“Clearly [we] didn’t feel right in FP2, we see a couple of issues as well on the car from this session.

“So this session we can pretty much put it in the bin and we’ll try to use Yuki’s data to do something in FP3.”

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