Sainz discusses the disadvantages of being ‘too calm’ over team radio

Carlos Sainz noted the drawbacks of being “too calm” and said he thinks he has struck a balance between calmness and straightforwardness in his radio messages.


Being “too calm” on the team radio, in Carlos Sainz’s opinion, may be detrimental and has affected him in the past.

Sainz has received acclaim for his strategy in this season’s radio exchanges with the Ferrari squad.

He refused the team’s suggestion to transition from wet to intermediate tyres during the Monaco Grand Prix and instead chose to skip the pit stop and change right to slicks.

He was, however, understandably irritated when Ferrari chose to address him during a race-track altercation with Sergio Perez at the French GP, telling his team, “Not now, not now.”

Sainz responded that he has learned to take a middle ground approach when questioned about his strategy for maintaining composure during a race.

“I think you need to find a balance, an in-between point,” he told media, including

“I think there’s no harm in sometimes being a bit excited on the radio, and keep making your point.

“Making sure that you’re making a point, and people take it, and there’s other times that you need to give the team calmness and trust.”

Sainz considers drawbacks of a calm approach

Sainz went on to say that his early years in Formula One would frequently be harmed by his calm demeanour, and that being more straightforward would have improved his communication.

“I think in Formula 1, if there’s something I’ve learned over the years, [it] is how to try and find that balance with when to be a bit more agitated or when to be a bit more calm, and it comes with experience,” added Sainz.

“I remember in my first couple of years in Formula 1, I could be too calm on the radio and not make my point through.

“I could be too excited and make no sense about what I was talking about, and help the team in taking the right or wrong decision.

“I think it all depends on the moment and on its balance.”

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