The Qatar Grand Prix will be held under strict track limits once more

The FIA has announced the track limits that will be in force at the Losail International Circuit during the weekend.

As Formula One visits the Losail International Circuit for the first time, strict track regulations will be enforced throughout the weekend in Qatar.

The enormous tracts of run-off area, well-known as a MotoGP venue, means that drivers will be pushing to exploit every piece of tarmac available to them in their pursuit of lap time. However, they won’t be able to gamble too much at numerous locations around the track, since the FIA has indicated the areas where drivers must be careful or face having their times deleted.

To maintain their laps valid, drivers must keep at least one wheel on the tarmac at the exits of Turns 4, 12, 13, 14, and 16. If they do not perform well in a practice or qualifying session, their time will be taken away.

Drivers will be allowed three violations during the race, totalling five corners, before receiving the black and white flag and being referred to the stewards for review.

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