“Tokyo Revengers” season 2 review: inconsistent and disappointing

The second season of Tokyo Revengers has returned with another thrilling ride of time travel and gang warfare. In this season, Takemichi must travel back in time once again to prevent the corruption of Mikey and the disintegration of Toman gang. With all episodes now available for streaming on Hulu, fans of the series can dive right in and witness the epic battle between the past and the present.

The storyline picks up from where it left off in the previous season, with Takemichi in a desperate situation as Kisaki holds him at gunpoint after killing Chifuyu. However, he is saved by Kazutora, who informs him that Toman has become a powerful but ruthless gang under Mikey’s leadership. When the Black Dragon biker gang joins forces with Toman, Mikey is pushed towards the path of moral corruption and turns into an evil gang leader. As a result, the old members of Toman are getting killed, and Kisaki manipulates Takemichi into ordering the death of Hinata.

Naoto urges Takemichi to travel back in time once again to prevent Mikey’s moral corruption and Hinata’s death. Takemichi finds himself in the past with the Shiba siblings and the Black Dragon gang, where he realizes that he must defeat Taiju Shiba, the leader of the Black Dragons, to ensure Toman’s future.

While the second season of Tokyo Revengers maintains its focus on Takemichi’s time-traveling adventures, it also gives adequate screen time to the supporting characters, fleshing out their backstories and motivations. The bond between Takemichi and his friends, Chifuyu and Mikey, is heartwarming and often entertaining. The animation in some of the scenes is visually stunning, particularly the first meeting between Takemichi and adult Mikey, which ends with a poignant death scene that leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

However, the main conflict of the season, the Christmas showdown between Toman and the Black Dragons, falls short of expectations. The buildup to the confrontation is substantial, but the showdown itself is anti-climactic, with too many conversations and too few action scenes. As a result, the show fails to strike the right balance between drama and excitement, leaving the audience feeling underwhelmed.

Overall, Tokyo Revengers season 2 has its ups and downs, but it still offers an enjoyable viewing experience for fans of the series. It certainly could have been better executed, but the show’s strengths, such as its character development and animation, make it worth watching nonetheless.

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