Video: A tremendous roll was caused by the EuroFormula Open Car at Monza

Driver of the second-place finish at Monza’s race two, Christian Mansell, is competing in the EuroFormula Open Championship.


After crashing into another driver at the Ascari corner on the Monza racetrack, Christian Mansell avoided serious injury.

Mansell was racing in third place and competing against Francesco Simonazzi in race two of the Monza circuit.

After Simonazzi manoeuvred to the inside of the opening Ascari turn, the two drivers collided, pushing Mansell wide.

When Mansell’s car hit a gravel trap, it was sent into a roll and came to rest upside down, which caused the race to be stopped.

He escaped unharmed from the accident, and Oliver Goethe, the leader of the Euroformula Open Championship and a part-time Formula 3 racer, went on to win the race.

Before his accident, Mansell, a 17-year-old Australian participant who is not related to 1992 F1 winner Nigel Mansell, was able to set the fastest lap of the race, which stood following the resumption.

Watch the incident’s video below:

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